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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 10, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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the man convicted of killing a suburban teenager and her home is in court this hour. john wilson faces sentencing for robbery and murder. >> we welcome our viewers watching us around the country. >> live at the county courthouse with more on our top story. that has been a long and difficult road to justice for the family whose daughter was murdered four years ago. many delays. drawing this process up. the journey is coming to an end. wilson was convicted last month after a two week trial. >>
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>> john wilson jr. will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. the 41 year-old is accused of sending messages taunting victim's mother after the murder. investigators say wilson stole the cellphone after stabbing her to death. the 14 year- old walked in on wilson has a burglar's the victims indian head park home. >> testified during the trial. expected to provide the judge with a victim impact statement to describe tir >> department of corrections officer likely to testify all along with other witnesse the sentence could come down perhaps as early as this afternoon. >> when it comes to domestic violence former bears general manager says there are hundreds of such incidents involving players that the
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nfl >> ignored. >> it is certainly unintentional. now the former bears general manager finds himself in a mif the nfl big story. >> in the aftermath of the domestic abuse and so an independent investigation by former fbi director angelo did an interview with usa today reporter. he says was supposed to be about the job that roger adele is doing. toward the end of that interview he said in his years in the league 30 years in a week there were hundreds and hundreds of domestic abuse situations involving players. >> that was yesterday. a lot of players who used to be on your roster is the have probably read those comments and felt blindsided. >> basically saying his comments were somewhere between
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misspeaking and embellishing >> and have no clue. hundreds and hundreds of domestic violence. things have changed over my 30 years in a national football league hundreds and hundreds of domestic violence. that is not what i said. there's no way i could ever say something like that. >> angelo just might get a call from the independent investigator to explain his comments further on the . he is heard from the former bears players who live very upset about what he said. >> i think the former head of the fbi who is handling the investigation for the nfl i've got to frank that he is
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gone to put jerry's name on the list of people he wants to talk to. if you're going to do transparent discussion and transparent investigation and someone makes this claim you have to talk to them. it is going to be interestin lot of people are trying to reach jerry angelo today. >> we were surprised by juries, and. >> be aware of the e-mail scams involving the ebola virus. details on what to look out for. >> good afternoon. the illinois attorney general says this comes as no surprise. anytime there's a natural disaster the government unveils a new program or in this case there is a
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public health concern scam artists are hard at work. the message today is be aware of the mail scams. ironically two of these females were sent to employee and consumer protection di. one said people being quarantined in the subject line. offers an update with a link to view the crisis. >> if you click on that occurred in fact your computer. another e-mail advertises a personal protection kit for $29. if you get a suspicious e- mail do not open it do not respond just deleted. >> these are clearly scams. unfortunately i think there is so much hysteria out there. there's a likelihood that somebody could actually respond to one of these fe >> if you are confirmeconcerned, get a flu
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shot you're more likely to get the flu. >> another warning for madigan. organization seeking donations to help people of victims. if you want to find out if a charity as legitimate. charities must register w the office under state law. >> go on line and use the charity navigator. i have started seeing these e-mail's this week. if you do get one, the attorneys general's office would like to hear from him. >>18003865638 >> >> few questions are answered at a news conference about the hospitalization of karen lois. the condition is serious enough for the vice- president of the
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chicago teachers union te there's a limit to what i can share about the details. >> he says louis underwent surgery and remains in hospital recovering from a serious illness. he says he is asked not to say any more than that. many are still wondering what this means for potential run for mayor. >> do not make decisions for citizens to elect karen lewis. we're not privy to >> our discussions> the exploratory committee process was working for her. >> this is clearly a setback. >> to make your own election as of fe. >> now suing sepias over her death. a sixth grader at the school of studies on the north
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side and she took her own life in may. she left messages saying bullying was to blame. katz said the school failed to ow own guidelines. >> will instance involving chasing her from the schoolyard. >> the phil to follow the protocols that had been established by the chicago board of education. >> they launched their own investigation and found there is no cred evidence. there would not comment any further. >> the chicago tribune editorial board just announced they are endorsing a republican candidate over democratic incumbent. the board says he will make the state economically competit again and fix the budget. last night in peoria the two men squared off. quinn claims
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business experience should worry voters. he argued his private sectors to help fix the budget problem. >> business leaders and ceos can solve problems and get things done. it is all about executive leadership. >> he talks about successful results. he has been involved with 12 different bankruptcies ie six of ot his executives indicted and convicted and sent to jail. >> there will have to more televised debates before next month's elections. the next one is tuesday. >> charges filed against a woman after she stole an ambulance from outside of an arlington heights hospital. she drove for 145 mi.. she is touch with possession of a stolen vehicle and driving on suspended and revoked license. she got into the ambulance outside of northwest community hospital and then traveled south with the sirens blaring. the ambulance was spotted by madison authorities and stoppe
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>> a new review of the red light program showing fundamental problems of management by city hall and offer no explanation as to why there were tickets bikes. the report is it a result of an investigation into a series of mysterious increases. city inspector general says the filter requests and review data that would have likely revealed abnormalities as they occurred. also claims bad management. >> tightrope walker has begun practicing for his next on which is next month. >> plans to clamp a 16 degree incline from one of the city towers across the chicago ri >> you'll walk between the towers blindfolded. >> a chicago what will take place. >> i imagine there
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americus ally
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stepping up their strikes. outside of the syrian border town. the man is states has sent an envoy to try to coax leaders and to helping. >> both groups are enemies of turkey. united states suggest turkic and still y rp use acan turkish air base. >> mrs a major anniversary this morning raise more questions about his whereabouts. he did not attend the official celebration marking the founding of the workers' party. they say he is experiencing discomfort. south korea's defense minister believes he is probably saint and one of his homes with his wife and sister near an exclusive hospital. it's not been seen in public since september 3rd. russian media says the former president is being treated for a recurring illness. we do know he is a diabetic. >> the police shooting in st. louis lead to a second night of protest with at
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least one person burning american flag. an officer shot and killed and 18 year-old boy. the teenager shot at the officer three times before the officer fired back. comparing it to the shooting of michael brown. in both cases the officer was white and victim alike. one officer suffered minor injuries and eight people were arrested. protests planned for this weekend in st. louis and in ferguson. >> the powerhouse high-school football team and a jersey is canceling the rest of the season of accusations of bullyi accused of taunting and intimidating freshman teammate. the school is forfeiting the final six games to send a message that bullying but not be tolerated.will not be tolerated. >> is suspended running back emmitt did he smoked marijuana while out on bail. it is facing felony child abuse charges after he used a wooden switch to discipline
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his four year-ol n. >> petersons child abuse trial scheduled to begin december 1st. >> he admits he did it and was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. you have to pay a fine. he is banned indefinitely from the field. the fan who let him use one of his season tickets will have those tickets revoke >> to mandatory evacuations but hundreds o nt >> there is 20 percent of the fire has been detained. the area like most of california is experiencing a major drug. officials shut down all but one
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lane of interstate 80. because of the fire is under investigation. >> do have a new landmark. at present obama is expected to designate the san gabriel mountains as a new national monument. the designation comes with a million dollar boost from the u.s. forest service for educational staff and maintenance. nonprofit the missions areom in $3.5 millionorganizations are donating $3.5 million. >> former said of the night live cast member has diedsaturday night le cast member has died >> [music] >> spent five years making us laugh during the '80s and '90s with a spot on impressions after she left saturday night live she appeared on third rock from the sun and 30 barack.rock. she was
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57 years old. >> this year's nobel peace prize going to to people. awarded to pakistan the women's rights activi. she is the girl who survived an assassination attempt by the terrorist group for her efforts to promote education for girls and afghanistan. the young person to ever win the peace prize. to share with indian children rights activist. both were chosen for their struggle against the suppression of children and for young people . >> this award is for all of those children who are voiceless. whose voices need to be heard. i speak for them. i stand up with them. i joined them in the campaign that their voices should be heard. they should be listened to. they have rights. >> organized demonstrations focusing on the grid exploitation of children for financial gain. she told supporters credit should go to all of those sacrificing their time and lives for
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the cause of a child's rights. >> fast food chain that is the latest victim of a the bridge. an inspirational story for this weekend chicago marathon. a local runner is on a mission to run more than 11,000 mi.. >> a one-of-a-kind recipe to impress your guest. t
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the dow gaining a bit. closing out a wild week right now about 20 points. >> gary cream is the latest target and they paid a breach. hackers get ahold of customer cdit card numbers. there is not evidence that social security or pin numbers or access. the fact that 395 locations around the country between august and
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october. >> online retail giant amazon is planning to open the first brick and mortar store in new york just-in-time for the li. the store will be on 34th street right acro from the empire state building. it will have limited inventory for same- day delivery in new york. customers can pick up on my orders and exchange and returned merce. wall street has spoken and is seen not cope. they're winning the battle between the two soda companies. that is an all-time high. coca-cola also hit a new record making a 7% gain and earnings. >> expected to unveil more detailed stock number >> and unveiled the newest model yesterday. it has all wheel drive. it is also very fast thinking of from 0- 60 in about three
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blackhawks open the season with a huge come-from-behind victory. the full story from dallas. >> on the night when they shuffled lines and change the parings. a rash of penalties in the first two periods made things even more confusing. had to get a big performance out of his goalte. >> t played great.
12:27 pm
first period and second. even bet he got going in the third. they were quick and they came at us. >> and shoot up it was patrick kane scoring the only goal as the blackhawks picup e po obviously had a couple of chances in overtime. >> to points on the road against a tough team. >> the blackhawks get out of dallas with two points. they come back to open the home portion >> the chicago bears have another day of practice before traveling to atlanta. >> they should get
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roberta backless 1. has been planning to injury. finally feeling 100 percent. >> rules missed practice yesterday th lower body soreness. >> chicago marathon as this sunday. 40,000 runners will start and end in grant park. >> as far north as addison street and as far south as u.s. cellular field. the race kicks off at 7:00 a.m.. taking part in this weekend's race. running his first marathon. he met a local man who is running for a very special cause. >> so far have done on thover what thousand miles. >> so inspired by his grandmother is fight with cystic fibrosis. he came up
12:29 pm
with a crazy way to raise funds for research. running around the country for her honor. >> 11,000 mi.. what is it like running that far? >> i will get back to you. it is from seattle to maine to florida to california. i decided i needed to do something for her. running is something have learned to do. if you ask him about his experience he will tell you it looks like this. he is blind. tell us how you lost your eyesight? >> a drunk driver. as a blind runner he cannot run alone. running with me as a contact sport. left turns are pretty easy because i will feel the road co. i'll just follow
12:30 pm
arnd when he runs the chicago marathon this doing it wit the of the cystic fibrosis foundation. >> today as it. i'm going home i'm going with one or more relaxed life. they can't and that is what keeps me going. >> that is amazing. if you want to donate to his cause go to >> and is going to be a great day. neurologist has a full weekend forecast and the marathon forecast after our break.
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the clouds in the sky were actually very artistic. we actually have a northeast flow at the low and middle levels. that is committing some like effect rain. we may get a few sprinkles from this. i do not think this is going to amount to very much. mr. watson could be an interesting system coming in on columbus day. there's some fear that perhaps there could be some rainfall on sunday. marathon runners are keeping up with the problem. it looks like a forecast model slowing down looks like a marathon of be just fine. look at this. the dark clouds coming over lake
12:34 pm
michigan over the downtown area. it looks very ominous. if you're looking outside and see those dark clouds rest assured they're not producing any rain yet. a few passing very light showers are possible >> 57 degrees and up to look at the temperature contrast. the more than half of the country is very cool. 70 in dallas. >> you can bet that that is producing some weather problems in those areas. very cooler air continues to hold up and parts of the midwest and to alaska. right now 57 at o'hare airport. the dew point temperature is shina little
12:35 pm
bit of movement. if >> is still fairly dry out there. the cooler air retreating and then coming back of us. by the time we get into thursday we expect this pocket of cooler air would have shifted to the east and and should have a 70 degree high temperature. radar satellite composit >> has been developing along a cooler air bonded. the cloud cover is just tremendous today. coming in from the west. here's a closer look. these have actually been producing some serious problems from kansas into parts of missouri. as much as 4 in. of rain noted in some areas. this disturbance has now been called a subtropical depression. what that means is that the conviction of a thunderstorm is actually occurring away froth nt. not particularly a
12:36 pm
tropical characteristics. should it begin to strengthen the storms will pull in just a bit. >> look at this. forecast models not showing any problems as we go through the weeken here's the next approaching storm. evenly aievenly it will be way up to the west. that is a flash flood watch area. the flash flood warning. there have been reports of roads under water. our computer models just showing a few tenths of an inch of rainfall. we will get to that in just a moment. let's start with afternoon temperatur. >> scattered light showers. high temperature 59 degrees. taking a peek at tonight. we're looking at early cloudiness appearing y. >> well away from the city of chicago. temperature at all
12:37 pm
here should drop to about 39 degrees. >> when will we can just a bit. not a bad day with high temperature in the upper 50s. the wind is still showing a little bit of a lake influence. sunday it looks like winds south southeast. the temperature about 62 de the chance of a very late shower. the marathon does not appear to be impacted the way it looks a moment. he is looking at me with intense eyes. >> looks like it is going to be fine. it is going to be good running weather temperatures in the upper 40's probably at t s. low 50s >> little cooler than a little hotter. absolutely. i think it is beautil. >> columbus day we'll talk about them and the update.
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and maybe a big breakthrough. have come up with a technique to grow by the billions. and some producing cells. scientists have been trying to find a recipe to mass produce beta cells for the past 15 years. this sense the level of sugar in the blood and keep it in a healthy range by making exact amounts of insuli the tories will be able to use the self test drugs and learthe findings are published in the latest edition of the jol cell. >> spending big money to track activity tracker is. the university of memphis will receive a template million dollar grant d research. 22 researchers from 11 universities will work together. they have already zeroed in on to health
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risks to track >>
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and we're learning about next weekend's james beard foundation is ic >> hear from 16 at trump international hotel and tower. >> serving up a one- of-a-kind menu. wait until you see what he has done. >>not to build it up for you. sea trout that we have smoked.
12:50 pm
>> >>the best chefs in chicago all coming together. i am privledged to hose t the group. >>it is no surprise tickets are expensive. still tickets available. >>going to make a warm vinegarette >>some mint ginger. a teaspoon of mint ginger. >>the idea is to infuse the oil very briefly with those
12:51 pm
ingredients. >>a touch of mushroom. >>that is what we do. nice and small. >>we will take this off the heat. you can smell it if you would like. >>we iwlwill add cucumber and chives. finished with vinegar. i used apple cider vinegar. a touch of lemon juice. a little more olive oil. once it is off the heat. >>vert syimplimple fresh
12:52 pm
clean flavors. cut 3 slices. going to dress this with >>finish with a touch of salt and pepper. >>smoked for 10
12:53 pm
minutes. >>that is the cooking process for the fish. >>this is a charred onion puree >>puree with olive oil. this is the base of the dish. a strong element to the dish. with a mixture of acidity from lemon juice it gives it a richness. >>i love the presentation. >>i want the full treatment.
12:54 pm
>>little thin slices of radishes. apples we soaked in beetju juice. a little freshness and tartness. helps bring out the fall earth flavors to pair against the smoke. very thinly sliced. >>i love the way you have built it all. >> james beard foundation taste america chicago. october 17th beginning at 6:00 p.m.
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who was on the front of the one circulated u.s. $10,000 bill? >> the 25th u.s. secretary of the treasu here it is. the forecast for year. in case you're making plans for the weekend. take a look at this. cloud increasing on saturday and then becoming cloudy. probably dry until late evening into monday. that they could be impacted by showers and thunderstorms. temperatures take a little bit of a hit. by the time gets a thursday we have a very good chance of scoring his 70 degree high temperat >> thank you so
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much. justice system,
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the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. i want the slides first. then we show them the stills. and the miniatures are the knockout punch. damn. we're already late. and the traffic... i better call. peter, pull the car around and meet me at the gate. damn. four quarters, please. i'm not supposed to... look, i'm in a rush.


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